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Metals Gateway

The Metals Gateway gives regulators and downstream users of metals and metal compounds easy access to the information they need to ensure that these substances can be used safely and in a manner that is protective of the environment and health. 

This free and open knowledge platform is a singular resource that provides easy access to science-based tools, data, literature, factsheets and information that are essential for understanding why metals are different from other substances. It equips regulators and risk assessment professionals with the tools they need to help protect people’s wellbeing.

Metals in the Environment

This website is aimed at providing scientifically robust information about metal bioavailability and metal mixtures for users of all levels of background and experience. The website provides an animated video introduction to key concepts on metal bioavailability and metal mixtures, leading to fact sheets on topics such as metal bioavailability, metal mixture toxicity and modelling. More advanced users can directly access study reports and publications on metals bioavailability and mixtures to gain greater knowledge of the underpinning science.

REACH Metals Gateway

This information system will guide the EU and International Metals Industry in the implementation process of the EU REACH and CLP Regulations. The REACH Metals Gateway allows quick and structured access to relevant information from authorities and from the metals industry. It is tailored to the specific needs of the metals industry sector. It also provides links to the different tools and guides the sector has developed since 2007 to deal with the REACH and CLP Regulations. An overview is provided on responsibilities & contact points in metal commodity groups and national metal federations where more detailed information can be found.

Metals Toolbox

Tools and guidelines have been developed to enable regulators and stakeholders to deal with these metal-specific aspects in hazard identification and risk assessments, some of which have been incorporated into guidelines and regulations at local, regional, and international levels (e.g. EU, US, OECD). These tools and guidelines are compiled in this toolbox to provide further insights and details to be considered when assessing metal substances.